How It Works

    The Basic Registration System

    When a business registers their details with us, they are allocated a unique QR Bar Code.

    They will then display this at the entrance of their venue, when you arrive at the venue, you simply scan this with your Smartphone QR Reader and it will take you to a short form to enter your details so that in the event the NHS need to trace and trace people, we will be able to provide your contact details.

    You do not need to be a member of our site to use this system, however if you are a member, each time you visit a venue you will only need to enter your username and password each time you visit to check in.

    This site and the system is very new and we have not had a lot of chance to test it it live as social distancing is obviously a new thing for everyone, so please bear with us.

    The Full Pre-Registration System

    When you Pre-Register as a FREE full member you will be able to access participating venues much quicker.

    Each venue will have a page listings their opening nights or events, you will need to go to this page login to your account and just simply click to register.

    You will then be sent an E-Ticket with a QR code to your smartphone. When you arrive at the venue y ou will show this to the door staff to or Social Distancing Officer to scan and that will check you in, noting the time you arrived aso.

    Time is important, because if an infected person visits the venue and you were not in at the same time, then you may not need to isolate.

    Using this system, you can register for multiple venues and you only need to be scanned each time you arrive and it means your personal details are store in one place on our secure servers.

    IT also means you dont have to download an app for every venue that you visit.

    This account also allows you to make purchases from the venue such as drinks and food from your table and make table reservations for participating venus.

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