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    Way back in 1994 our Managing Director started the very first dedicated webdesign company in the UK called CIC, which over the years and after few name changes to keep up with the fast moving pace of the Internet grew to become 24hrs Ltd.

    In the past we have designed and developed over 7000 websites and systems, we pioneered SEO and also developed the very first CMS which was launched at Internet world in London in 1998.

    24hrs is now the proud owner of the group of web sites which include our flagship site of which has over half a billion pounds in our inventory of luxury Superyachts, Private Jets & Luxury Real Estate.

    We also have in the collection, and

    Our services hospitality and entertainment combined with our wealth of web development and marketing knowledge has led us during the 2020 lockdown to develop some online ordering systems that are to service the new demand for electronic menus for smartphones, as venues seek to re-open soon and put in place their own social distancing policies.

    Keep Your Distance was a domain that we registered just thinking and looking ahead of what the future holds for the UK and Europe as we seek to venture out again with Coronavirus looming overhead.

    It was clear to us that bars and restaurants will need to put some social distancing measures in place in order to be allowed to be open, similar to what they have recently announced in Italy.

    We had already been developing online ordering systems through our portal site at

    This website we currently have on hold due to most venues and events being closed for many months, however we are using the same technology here to deploy as rapidly was possible affordable online ordering systems to enable venues to at least open with an easy facility to use and mange with minimal training so that they can service their customers.

    Our development team at 24hrs is UK based but we have a sales team around the world in prime locations including, Russia, USA, Caribbean, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Thailand and France.

    We are happy to service Take Away Restaurants and cafes with affordable solutions to assist them in trading through the virus period and we can also manage National and European chains for their online ordering requirements.




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