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    Order food and drinks from your reserved table - no app to download
    "No more nightmares of downloading a different app for every venue you visit"

     Join us in trying to establish one track and trace system that can be used across all venues, keeps your personal details safe in one place, and is cheap to purchase for businesses, and does not take any commissions

    Its Free To Register Here - We Need Your Support please to make this a success.

    Covid Secure Venue
    One App All Venues - Check in to pubs and bars with one single app
    One App All Venues - system for bars to order drinks, food and pre-register
    One App All Venues - QR code to check in to pubs and bars
    One App All Venues - Reserve Tables in advance at local bars and pubs
    ipad and smartphone menu design for bars and restaurants with social distancing policies

    Find a registered venue in your area

    Read reviews on their social distancing policy to see if its is safe for you before you go. Please allow time for people & businesses to join and populate the site before you can see all reviews.

    Address ID Card

    Social Distancing is a new thing for everyone so please sign up soon but allow time for other people to catch up and join - why not tell all your friends to start

    Address ID Card

    Dont want to carry a phone around with you? Get your own unique VIP  card that will allow venues using our system to check you in without giving away your address details. Sign up free to learn more

    No App To Download

    Just look for the Keep Your Distance Logo and QR code on your table or venue entrance (*please note that due to demand setup times for accounts are now anywhere between 1-10 days)

    ipad and smartphone menu design for bars and restaurants with social distancing policies

    Disabled Friendly Venues

    If your Pub, Bar, Restaurant or other venue has special Social Distancing Measures in place for Disabled people, we can place the Keep Your Distance Disabled Icon on your Business Listing.

    You will also recieve a sticker to place in your window which you can purchase separately, or it comes free if you subscribe to our full package.

    Social Distance Officer

    Social Distance Officer

    Does your venue have a dedicated Social Distancing Officer(s)?

    We can provide online and offline ID cards that they can show to a visitor to scan, which will then take them to your business listing to find out about all the social distancing measure that you have put in place.

    It will also give the contact details of your Social Distancing Officer, such as an email address so that they can contact them if they have a problem in the venue.


    If you are visiting a venue that is using our systems to register your details you are safe in the knowledge that all your details are kept safe and secure on one system and not held with lots of individual venues that you may have visited.

    We were the UK's very first web design company and have been building websites for over 25 years longer than anyone else in the UK.

    We are registered with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) which means we have to legally follow all the rules with in relation to data protection and keeping your details safe.

    Where applicable your details are deleted after 21 days in accordance with the government guidelines and neither us or the venues are allowed to use your details for marketing purposes.

    Should your details be requested as part of the track and trace requirements we shall provide these in confidence to the relevant people who may contact you to inform you that you may have been in contact with someone who is or has been infected with COVID-19.

    Look for the KYD (Keep Your Distance) Logo outside venues so that you know your details are kept safe, you can also register once online and use the same details to enter multiple venues so there is no need to register for every visit.

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